I’ve recently discovered that the piercings I have in my ears which I believed for the past 7 years to be closed are in fact still fully functioning! As such, you will probably see a lot more new earring designs coming from me in the near future.



The inspiration for these earrings came from the sweet little shape of a Bellflower. I’d love to give you an edifying treatise on the inner workings of my mind and the symbolism which pervades this intricate design. Unfortunately, that would be misleading as the thought process behind this one was simply ‘that might look pretty’. Some of my designs are motivated by a story that influences me and are imbued with my personal history. Others I simply feel could look nice. These earrings fall into the latter category.


As with most of my designs I worked out the main details in my head then did a few sketches to make sure the design worked in reality and to figure out the detailed elements of the piece (of course this is the point at which many designs get discarded!).

As soon as I was satisfied that the earrings would be flattering and balanced, I hand pierced them from Sterling Silver, added some hooks, polished everything and in just a few hours they were at the point you see now. Delighted as I was with the little flowers I decided to make a more subtle counterpart which could be worn from day to day as well. I hope some of you derive as much joy from wearing them as I did making them!!/Bellflower-Statement-Earrings/p/47815012/category=3237092!/Bellflower-Everyday-Earrings/p/47815014/category=3237092