Skadi Jewellery Design has a new face! And as you’d expect it’s clever, creative and very attractive.

Model, MUA, Stylist: Dragonfly
Antlers: Curiology
Jewellery: Custom Headpiece, Falling Snow Ring

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with the wonderful Dragonfly for 2 years now so I am delighted to announce that she is the new Skadi Jewellery Design brand Ambassador! She has essentially held this role the entire time we’ve worked together by continuously representing my jewellery in spectacular new and creative ways, but it’s nice to make it official.
I’m so excited about our future partnership as Dragonfly shares my love of characters and stories but adds a whole new enchanting perspective. I believe we’ll inspire each other to some truly extraordinary fantastical creations!

Model, MUA & Styling: Dragonfly
Photographer: Leandro V.
Bolero: Vilindery
Wig: Annabelle’s Wigs
Lenses: Pinky Paradise
Nail Art: Tatiana Gonçalves
Jewellery: Custom Silver & Brass Crown & Necklace

Dragonfly (real name Margarida or Gui to her friends) is based in Portugal and has been working as an alternative model for the past 10 years. In that time Dragonfly has represented some wonderfully talented and well respected artists and brands such as Alchemy Gothic, The Gothic Shop, Vilindery, Burleska and Curiology. She is also an exceptionally talented photographer and is responsible for all of the styling and make up involved in her work. A genuinely creative and versatile Jack of all trades, this is one woman worth keeping an eye on!

You can find more of Dragonfly’s amazing work here: