Skadi Jewellery Design

Make a statement about yourself with hand crafted jewellery which tells a story. Like falling snow, each ornate piece is unique and as beautifully detailed as lace.

I design and make unique contemporary jewellery and accessories with an antique inclination. I love to transform quality materials such as sterling silver, leather and brass into flattering wearable art. The product of this tinkering can range from graceful filigree floral patterns to bold Gothic armour.

I’ve always been inspired by anything ornate and fine detail which demands close examination. I’m fascinated by history, mythology and fairytales so when I’m not creating treasures you can usually find me with my head in a book and Betty the cat on my lap. All of these things manifest themselves in every piece I make. Finding a Skadi jewel you love should feel like stumbling across a hidden gem which exists just for you.

Masquerade masks, lockets, laser cut leather chokers, cuffs and cat ears, personalised silver jewellery, men’s jewellery and even custom cat collars are amongst the very individual pieces available in my store. All of my ornaments are handmade with love and attention to detail in Melbourne, Australia.
Clare Davidson

Skadi Ambassador – Dragonfly

Skadi Jewellery Design has a new face! And as you’d expect it’s clever, creative and very attractive. I have had the pleasure of collaborating with the wonderful Dragonfly for 2 years now so I am delighted to announce that she is the new Skadi Jewellery... read more

Making a ring video

  Usually when someone sees my work for the first time their initial question is inevitably “how is it made?”. More often than not people assume all of my work is laser cut (who would be mad enough to cut out such small details for hours a day... read more

Artist Feature – Mahafsoun

Artists rarely thrive in a vacuum. It’s so important to at the very least expose yourself to the work of fellow artists, and at best collaborate with them. This process gives you perspective, pushes you to greater efforts and in most cases enhances your own... read more

Creating an heirloom

I got to thinking more in depth about creating pieces of lasting beauty this week with several custom monogram projects strewn in my path.   Custom pieces are by far my favourite thing to create because I’m working in collaboration with the client. This results... read more

New Designs – Bellflower Earrings

I’ve recently discovered that the piercings I have in my ears which I believed for the past 7 years to be closed are in fact still fully functioning! As such, you will probably see a lot more new earring designs coming from me in the near future. The inspiration... read more