meprofileFor as long as I can remember I’ve had a passion for jewellery but been dismayed by the fact that what was available didn’t suit my style. I decided the best way to remedy the problem was to make my own jewellery.

I graduated from Curtin University of Technology with a Bachelor of Arts (Jewellery Design) in 2008 where I discovered I loved making jewellery even more than I loved wearing it. In my final year at University Skadi Jewellery Design was born. Now I do what I love so that I’ll love what I do.

I’ve always been completely enchanted by the beauty of Winter (snow especially) so I felt my business name should reflect this in the same way my designs do. Skadi is a frost giant and goddess from Nordic mythology. She is commonly associated with Winter, shadows and mountains and for me perfectly represents what my work is about; beauty, strength, uniqueness and wonderful stories.

Each one of my pieces carries a story unique to the wearer.
When I make and wear a piece of jewellery it’s because I believe it makes a statement about who I am. Wearing something that is so unique to you makes you feel stunning. That’s why I especially love creating custom pieces. I weave the customer’s tale into the piece and the end result is a wonderful collaboration which comes as a pleasant surprise even to me.
Finding a Skadi Jewellery Design piece you love should feel like stumbling across a hidden gem which exists just for you.

I design and hand craft each piece with only the best and most endurable materials so that they have the potential to be an heirloom.
I love to translate something delicate and beautiful like lace into something you can wear forever. The ephemeral into the tangible, like a story recorded in a book. I’ve always been influenced by the ornate design of furniture, architecture and jewellery of past centuries. But it’s not just the beauty that inspires, it’s also the craftsmanship and attention to detail; craftsmen would dedicate their entire lives to perfecting one skill. That’s the kind of quality and ability I aspire to.
It’s a constant joy to learn and practice new techniques and skills every day and apply them in an attempt to manifest my ideas.

I believe a customer should enjoy their buying experience as much as they enjoy the piece itself. It’s all part of the story of that piece.
To each piece I devote time, attention to detail, love, care and a piece of my story. I don’t believe that process has ended when the piece is finished. The customer who adopts a piece is the one that infuses it with a story, gives it life and loves it so they’re just as important as the piece itself.

I currently live in Melbourne, Australia with my wonderful partner and cat Betty and our vast collection of books. I spend my days at home in my little studio designing and making jewellery while Betty supervises and occasionally makes suggestions like ‘wouldn’t it be better if it was on the floor?’.

My work is stocked in a few stores in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and here on my website.