If you’re anything like me you’ve probably lost a significant portion of your life down the vortex that is ‘how is it made?’ videos. I recently watched a feature length film on the making of a brass sculpture in which not one word was uttered, it simply showed the process from beginning to end. I was mesmerised. This post is for those of you who share my fascination.

It all starts with a flat sheet of sterling silver and a design; in this instance a personalised monogram ring with the initials DJC. I print my design onto some adhesive paper and stick it to the silver sheet. A small hole needs to be drilled into the negative space of every single cell which needs to be cut out.

Preparing the silver sheet for cutting – the design is applied and holes are drilled into each individual cell

In order to cut out the enclosed cells of the inside of the design the blade in my saw frame needs to released on one side, threaded through a drilled hole, then fastened back into the saw frame. As you can imagine this is a time consuming business for every cell!

Cutting the silver – in order to pierce out a cell, the saw blade is threaded through the drilled hole.

Once the design is entirely cut out I can remove the adhesive paper to magically reveal the shape of the ring to come! I hand engrave some carefully calculated lines around the monogram to add the details required to distinguish each letter and have them stand out from the frame.

Once the silver is cut out a few select lines are engraved around the monogram to pick out the detail of the letters.

The silver then needs to be annealed (heated up) with a torch to make it more pliable. This way I can then bend it around a ring mandrel to create a basic ring shape and solder the two ends together at the back. I then put it back on the mandrel to hammer it into a perfect circle. From there it’s just a matter of a good sand and polish and it’s ready to wear! Not including the time it takes to design the piece, a ring like this can take 3-5 hours.

I hope that knowing how much time and effort goes into the making of the rings on your fingers gives you an even greater appreciation for their beauty! Of course there are hundreds of different ways to make a ring but I hope you’ve learned something from my process of choice. If you have any questions or you’d like to know how any of my other pieces are made don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

If you’d like a personalised monogram ring of your own you can find them here.